Football during Covid-19: No play no pay?

Could you ever have imagined life without football? A time where football competitions were cancelled or postponed all over the world? A time when, in most parts of the world, a football match could not be scheduled due to social distancing? Well, that’s the situation we find ourselves in! National competitions are cancelled or postponed … Continue reading Football during Covid-19: No play no pay?

50+1 Rule: The Bundesliga

“While the rest of Europe has boring leagues, half-empty stadia and clubs on the verge of bankruptcy, German football is in remarkable health.” Former UEFA President Michel Platini’s words of praise for the Bundesliga at the 41st DFB Conference are proof of Germany’s vibrant and sustainable football league, especially its first division, the Bundesliga. This … Continue reading 50+1 Rule: The Bundesliga

Man City v UEFA: Is their CAS Appeal admissible?

On 6th June 2019, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) registered an Appeal filed by Manchester City Football Club (MCFC). The Appeal was against the decision taken by the Investigatory Chamber (IC) of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) to refer the pending case against MCFC to the Adjudicatory Chamber (AC) of the CFCB. … Continue reading Man City v UEFA: Is their CAS Appeal admissible?

Tackling Match Fixing

Last week several players, ex-players and senior club figures from Spain's top three divisions were arrested and questioned by the police. Their alleged crime? Match Fixing. The police claimed to have spotted a familiar pattern of money moving between certain individuals and an increase in betting of roughly 14 times the normal in a Segunda Division … Continue reading Tackling Match Fixing