So what is Lex Sportiva? Literally it’s the latin term for sports law but also the name of our blog where we write about developments in the sports law industry and offer both analysis and commentary on sporting legal issues. We’re an easy-to-read blog making sports law accessible to everyone regardless of their background. We’re also a Top 30 Sports Law Blog run by sports lawyers and are recognised by current industry leaders!

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So what kind of topics do we cover so far? 

  • Football
  • Olympics
  • Match Fixing 
  • Doping
  • Women in Sports
  • Ambush Marketing
  • Sports Regulation
  • Tax in Sports

Here are some of our current articles:

Tumbang Preso : What’s the difference between a sport and a game and why does it matter?

Gender (In)Equality : A look at inequality in sports with specific reference to salary gaps and the next steps towards equality.

FIFA Regulatory Changes : The regulatory changes proposed at the FIFA Football Law Annual Review 2018 held in Zurich.

The “Pyramid System” : What is the Pyramid System of sports governance and how does it work in football?

VAR: Friend or Foe? : 99.3% certainty? Is this a good thing for football? Can we trust VAR?

Puerto Rico: Sovereign Olympic Colony? : A 51st state with its own Olympic Team? How and why has this come about?

Ambush Marketing in Sports : A guide to Ambush Marketing and some of its best recent examples.

No Profit? Here’s PROFUT! : Brazil are crazy about football, would any other country go to these extreme lengths to support their clubs?

Super League : What is the Super League and why you should be scared of it. Clubs are putting financial interests above the fans.

Club v Country : Do clubs have to release players to play for their international team?

“Shut Up and Dribble”? : Why sports are more than just sports and how athletes can use their fame to champion social or political causes.

Tackling Match Fixing : What is match fixing? Why does it happen? What can we do to limit it? 

Football Paradoxes I : Ever wondered why the most populous countries in the world aren’t the best at football?

Football Paradoxes II : Is there a formula to winning the World Cup? Can China realistically accomplish this before 2050?

Justice for the 96 : An analysis of the Hillsborough Disaster. What were the facts? What were the repercussions? 

TPO & TPI: Hate the player and the game : Have FIFA’s stringent TPO & TPI regulations (18bis and 18ter) limited players’ rights? 

Intermediaries & Minors : Intermediaries aren’t allowed to be paid for representing minors but is this right? Are there alternative ways of protecting minors?

The Cost of Happiness : How much does being a fan cost? A detailed analysis of the Champions League final. 

Doping (Paolo Guerrero) : Paolo Guerrero was given a 14 month ban from football but was he guilty? New facts seem to suggest not…

Athletes > Medals : It’s time to start taking sexual abuse allegations seriously and protecting athletes so they can achieve their dream. 

The Europeanisation of South American Football : New regulations introduced to promote safety at football matches are punishing the passion of fans. 

Crypto, Blockchain & Football Clubs : Football Clubs are looking for new revolutionary technologies and are turning to cyrpto and blockchain. 

Contractual Hazard: Medical Examinations : FIFA RSTP/CAS jurisprudence prevents employment contracts from being bound by successful medical examination clauses. 

Minors in Football : What are the rules surrounding minors in football and do they discriminate in favour of Europeans?

FIFA 2019 World Cup : A look at the backdrop for the World Cup focusing on the new financial regulations and prize money. 

FIFA’s New Agents’ Regulations : How has FIFA approached agents over the last few years; the journey from agent to intermediary. 

Man City v UEFA: Is their CAS Appeal admissible? : Can Man City appeal the decision of the IC of the UEFA CCFCB to refer their pending case to the AC. 

Tax in Sports : A brief introduction to taxation in sports and why it can be problematic for international athletes. 

Social Media in Sports : Social media has become a part of regulated sport and stars like Neymar have been sanctioned for their online presence. 

The Endless War Against Agents: A Cap on Commission? : A proposed cap on commission would only target the 1% and create an oligopoly in the market. 

Image Rights : What are image rights and how do they work for footballers? How does the law treat them?

WADA & Whereabouts : An introduction to WADA and their ‘Whereabouts’ rule. Does this rule infringe athletes’ privacy? 

Tennis Match Fixing in South America : An in depth study of the Juan Carlos Sáez and Marco Trungellitti cases. 


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