So what is Lex Sportiva? Literally it’s the latin term for sports law but also the name of our blog where we write about developments in the sports law industry and offer both analysis and commentary on sporting legal issues. We’re an easy-to-read blog making sports law accessible to everyone regardless of their background. We’re also a Top 30 Sports Law Blog run by sports lawyers and are recognised by current industry leaders!

So what kind of topics do we cover so far? 

  • Football
  • Olympics
  • Match Fixing 
  • Doping
  • Women in Sports
  • Ambush Marketing
  • Sports Regulation
  • Tax in Sports
  • Conferences
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Most recent Article:

  • Indian Competition Law in Sports

    16th Oct 2019 by

    A case study on the Indian Volleyball Federation In the era of globalisation, the similarities between sports and businesses are ever increasing. The monopolistic nature of sports organisations and the inherent need for maintaining competitive balance between teams have resulted in the introduction of many forms of economic restraints like revenue-sharing, spending caps, drafts, non-tampering… Read more

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Here are some of our older articles:

Football Law:

Politics and Sport


  • Doping (Paolo Guerrero) : Paolo Guerrero was given a 14 month ban from football but was he guilty? New facts seem to suggest not…
  • WADA & Whereabouts : An introduction to WADA and their ‘Whereabouts’ rule. Does this rule infringe athletes’ privacy? 

Match Fixing


  • LawInSport : A guide to LawInSport and their conference this year, looking at their anti-doping, media rights and eSports Panels. 


  • Tumbang Preso : What’s the difference between a sport and a game and why does it matter?
  • Gender (In)Equality : A look at inequality in sports with specific reference to salary gaps and the next steps towards equality.
  • Ambush Marketing in Sports : A guide to Ambush Marketing and some of its best recent examples.
  • Crypto, Blockchain & Football Clubs : Football Clubs are looking for new revolutionary technologies and are turning to cyrpto and blockchain. 
  • Tax in Sports : A brief introduction to taxation in sports and why it can be problematic for international athletes. 
  • Social Media in Sports : Social media has become a part of regulated sport and stars like Neymar have been sanctioned for their online presence. 
  • Indian Competition Law in Sports : A case study on the Indian Volleyball Federation and Baseline agreement.


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