In early 2019 I realised that there were very few sports law resources that were open, free and accessible to all, especially students or those looking to move into sports law. Together with sports lawyer colleagues I set up Lex Sportiva. What started as a fairly small organisation has grown rapidly over the last year to over 40 contributors representing 15 nationalities and we’ve been read in over 160 countries. Highlights included being referenced in CAS submissions in Germany, being retweeted by an MLS team and most importantly being media partners of the FCE Congress. However, keeping the project going is not easy and we need your support.

Justin Humphries, Editor-in-chief

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Please get in touch or leave any questions or comments. We are always looking for people to write for us and get involved with the project, so if you’re interested please see here for more details. Below are the people that have made Lex Sportiva possible with their hard work!

Executive Team:

Justin Humphries (UK) – Editor-in-chief (LinkedIn)

Law graduate from Durham University with a Masters in International Sports Law from ISDE, Madrid (2019). Justin has experience in private practice at Northridge, Bird & Bird and Morgan Sports Law. Justin is currently working at UK Anti-Doping in the legal case management team. Articles include Tumbang Preso, Gender (In)Equality, VAR: Friend or foe? Tackling Match Fixing, The Cost of Happiness, LawInSport Conference, The FCE Congress. He has also hosted the “Lexicon of Sport” video series Setting Up A Sports Law Practice and “On The Ball” podcast Is Financial Fair Play Dead?

Udo Seckelmann (Brazil) – Editor (LinkedIn)

Udo is an attorney graduated from PUC-RJ (2017) and holds a Masters in International Sports Law from ISDE (2019). He works at Bichara e Motta Advogados in sports law, civil litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution. In 2019 he did a temporary internship at Lewis Silkin and advised World in Motion in London. Articles include FIFA Regulatory Changes, Contractual Hazard: Medical Examinations, The Endless War Against Agents: A Cap on Commission?, Getting into Sports Law: 5 Tips No-one Tells You and Beauty and the Gambler: A Love Story Between Football and Betting.

Vishakh Ranjit (India) – Video/Podcast Editor (LinkedIn)

Vishakh is a sports lawyer who holds a Master’s degree in International Sports Law from ISDE, Madrid (2019). He is an independent legal consultant advising clients on civil/criminal litigation, sports arbitration, contract negociation and sports regulatory issues. He is involved in producing Lex Sportiva’s “Lexicon of Sport” video series and co-hosts the “On The Ball” podcast. His articles include Man City v UEFA: Is their CAS Appeal admissible?

Patricia Garcia Anton (Spain) – Editor of Spanish content (LinkedIn)

Patricia is a Spanish sports lawyer working at Schweele Law Office and Business Consultant at Berlin Sports Consulting in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2018 she completed a Masters in International Sport Law at ISDE, Madrid. Articles include Crypto, Blockchain & Football Clubs.

Maria Vasli (Greece) – Head of Marketing (LinkedIn)

Graduate from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in law with a masters in Business Administration from the University of Macedonia. After collaborating on projects with startups she is working as a freelancer marketer. At Lex Sportiva she is head of marketing and responsible for social media updates and audience engagement.

Key Contributors:

André Oliveira (Brazil) – Contributor (LinkedIn)

Brazilian qualified attorney-at-law. Postgrad degree in Sports Business and Law and a Masters in International Sports Law (ISDE – Madrid, 2019). Currently at MPNR Advogados. Articles include “Pyramid System”No Profit? Here’s PROFUT!, Intermediaries and Minors and The WADA Whereabouts Rule: Coleman Case Study.

Gilberto Oliveras (Puerto Rico) – Contributor (LinkedIn)

Attorney graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a Masters in International Sports Law from ISDE, Madrid (2019). Founder of Oliveras Legal. Articles include Puerto Rico: Sovereign Olympic Colony?“Shut Up and Dribble”?, Athletes > Medals and Release the Kraken: Lessons from the Seattle Kraken and the Washington Football Team. Videos includes Setting Up A Sports Law Practice. Gilberto also runs the Lex Deportiva Podcast.

Miguel Rodrigues (Portugal) – Contributor (LinkedIn)

Graduate from the Universidade do Minho in law and a Masters in Tax law. Currently Studying for LLM in International Sports Law at ISDE in Madrid. He is working as a Legal Intern at ELSA LEX (Vicenza). Articles include Football Paradoxes I and Football Paradoxes II and Italy’s New Licensing System for Agents.

Antonis Vogiatzakis (Greece) – Contributor (LinkedIn)

Law graduate from Dimokrition Panepistimion Thrakis. Currently Studying for LLM in International Sports Law at ISDE in Madrid. He is an Intern at EFRAIM BARAK – Sport Law & Consultancy (Israel). Articles include TPO & TPI: Hate the Player and the Game, Monetary claims before FIFA: Are they worth it? and Greek Football Clubs: A Game of Hide and Seek.

William Reade (United States) – Contributor (LinkedIn / Twitter )

Law graduate from the South Texas College of Law he is a qualified lawyer in Texas. Currently working for Northridge Law (London) as an Intern. Articles include Major League Soccer’s Single Entity Structure and The MLS’ Growth and Role in World Football.

Divy Kadakia (India) – Contributor (LinkedIn)

Recent law graduate with a background in criminal law. Currently Studying for LLM in International Sports Law at ISDE in Madrid. He is working at the Czech Association of Football Players (Prague). Articles include Super League and WADA & Whereabouts.

Jaime-Louise Penaluna (United Kingdom) – Contributor (LinkedIn)

Law student at Edge Hill University. Articles include Policing UK Football: Is it Proportionate? and Newcastle United’s Saudi Takeover: For Better or Worse?

Kosmas Mitsios (Greece) – Contributor (LinkedIn)

Law graduate from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a Master in International Sports Law from ISDE in Madrid. After completing an internship at Bichara e Motta Advogados, he is a partner at AMD International. Articles include Justice for the 96 and Football during Covid-19: No Play no Pay?

Chirayato Benerjee (India) – Contributor (LinkedIn)

Law graduate from the National Law University Odisha. He is now a Civil Judge working in the West Bengal Judicial Service. Articles include Emiliano Sala: An Agreement Never Rests In Peace and VAR, What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing?

Nicolas Senderowicz (Spain) – Contributor (LinkedIn)

Junior Legal at Martinez-Echeverría Abogados, where he started the Sports Law department. Law graduate from Universidad Europea de Madrid and of the Masters in International Sports Law at ISDE. He has had legal experience in Israel, England and Germany. Articles include Should Athletes’ Health Be Public? and How Coronavirus IS Impacting Spanish Football.

Santiago Zambrano (Ecuador) – Contributor (LinkedIn)

Santiago J. Zambrano is a qualified lawyer of International and domestic sports law. He is the founder of Conlegal Sports, a specialised sports law firm in Guayaquil-Ecuador. Articles include Football in Ecuador and Modifications to CONMEBOL’s Disciplinary Code. Santiago also took part into Lex Sportiva’s video content titled Setting Up A Sports Law Practice.

Other Contributors:

Other Contributors