Emiliano Sala: An Agreement Never Rests In Peace

It is now one full year since the tragic accident that took away the life of the prolific young footballer Emiliano Sala. But there has been little peace since his death between his former club FC Nantes ("Nantes") and Cardiff City FC ("Cardiff") where the player was headed. On 25 September 2019, the legal dispute … Continue reading Emiliano Sala: An Agreement Never Rests In Peace

Contractual Hazard: Medical Examinations

Real Madrid recently signed Belgium star Eden Hazard. To conclude the deal, the Spanish club had to sign, inter alia:  A transfer agreement with Chelsea FC, which stipulated a transfer fee of around €100 million andAn employment contract with the player. When such a big star like Hazard is transferred to a top club like … Continue reading Contractual Hazard: Medical Examinations