Lexicon of Sport Episode 1

The Lexicon of Sport Series is part of a new multimedia initiative by Lex Sportiva which attempts to demystify various aspects of the sports law industry. 

Want tips on how to get into sports law by those who have done it? Are you a budding entrepreneur and contemplating starting your own firm or want to hear what it’s like? Student or practitioner, this video is for you!

Lex Sportiva assembled an international Panel crossing continents to compare the experiences of four upcoming sports lawyers who have recently set up their own practices. Justin Humphries interviews:

Covering topics ranging from how to get clients, negotiating fees, the importance of mentors and the difficulties and opportunities of starting a business during lockdown as well as many more. We hope you enjoy it and please get in contact to let us know what you want to see next.

Episode 1 Full Video:

Our Highlights

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