On Loan and Playing Against My Own: Safeguarding Integrity?

Loan transfers usually pose a great opportunity for small football clubs to boost their squads with better players at a lower cost, however, these players are often forbidden to play against their parent clubs, either by loan clauses or national regulations. In this post we will analyse these restrictions, understand their basis, and find out if they are safeguarding competitions.

Football during Covid-19: No play no pay?

Could you ever have imagined life without football? A time where football competitions were cancelled or postponed all over the world? A time when, in most parts of the world, a football match could not be scheduled due to social distancing? Well, that’s the situation we find ourselves in! National competitions are cancelled or postponed … Continue reading Football during Covid-19: No play no pay?

Monetary claims before FIFA: Are they worth it?

The current legal framework Overdue payables constitute one of the most pertinent, global loose ends in the football legal sphere. In a market where huge amounts of money are spent every day, it is inevitable that some debtors eventually breach their contractual obligations, more specifically their obligation to pay pre-stipulated amounts to counter-parties. The phenomenon … Continue reading Monetary claims before FIFA: Are they worth it?