The Macolin Convention

Lex Sportiva are proud to announce that we were an official partner of the 1st edition of the ‘Macolin Convetion. IP, Sports and Commerce’ International Congress at THE MET in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Congress was hosted by the Bar association of Thessaloniki, the Hellenic Observatory for the Macolin Treaty and ESIMET.

Keynote Speakers:

  • ANGELO RIGOPOULOS – Managing Director of Integrity & Regulatory της UEFA with the theme : Match-Fixing: UEFA’S Legal Framework
  • DIMITRIOS P. PANAGIOTOPOULOS – Sport’s Law Professor – Law University of Athens, President of International Association of Sports Law (IASL), President of the Hellenic Center of research on Sports Law (H.C.R.S.L)
  • KATERINA GKONTA – Attorney at Law & Marketing Coordinator the Cyprus Football Association
  • VAGELIS PATSIANTOS – Attorney at Law – Legal Consultant of NOVA
  • RANY SADER – Attorney At law -SADER Legal Publishing – 1863 Region LEBANON.
  • EMIN ÖZKURT – Attorney At Law – The Sole Cas Arbitrator From Turkiye. He is also one of the 30 Arbitrators attThe Doha Based Newly Established Qatar Sports Arbitration Tribunal (Qsat). – TURKEY

Plenary Sessions:

  • Corruption, illegal betting and match fixing, a global phenomenon?
  • Match fixing. The most important cases and decisions at international level
  • Match fixing under the scrutiny of unfair competition law
  • The use of betting evidence and suspicious betting alerts to prove and combat match fixing
  • Trademarks and how they are affected by a fixed game
  • Sport corruption and match-fixing: Preventing strategies
  • How Lebanon is dealing with match fixing
  • Corruption and bribery
  • The impact of match fixing

The FCE Congress

Lex Sportiva are proud to announce that we were an official partner of the 1st edition of the Football Congress from Central and Eastern Europe (FCE Congress) which was powered by FK Sarajevo and hosted at Tarcin Resort and Spa on 18th & 19th October 2019 in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

This was the very first edition of the congress in Sarajevo, which focused on the key challenges faced in the legal and development side of football in Central and Eastern Europe . This congress was open to those working in football and those who simply love football. Here was the brochure! Here was our report!

FCE Fantastic Speakers

Their stories are more than extraordinary…Inspiration, Motivation, Passion, Emotion, Football…

Football Unfiltered

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