Contractual Hazard: Medical Examinations

Real Madrid recently signed Belgium star Eden Hazard. To conclude the deal, the Spanish club had to sign, inter alia:  A transfer agreement with Chelsea FC, which stipulated a transfer fee of around €100 million andAn employment contract with the player. When such a big star like Hazard is transferred to a top club like … Continue reading Contractual Hazard: Medical Examinations

Crypto, Blockchain & Football Clubs

I. Introduction Virtual currencies have recently captured the attention of every government, prominent software company, bank and financial institution. The concept of digital currencies such as Bitcoin has generated sudden curiosity in recent years, even to those who do not know  about the potential benefits they have to offer. Virtual currencies are based on blockchain … Continue reading Crypto, Blockchain & Football Clubs

The Europeanisation of South American Football

"Few things happen in Latin America that have no direct or indirect relationship with football. Football occupies an important place in reality - sometimes the most important of the places - although it has been ignored by those ideologues who love humanity but despise people." -  Eduardo Galeano (1997). An old wives tale says that … Continue reading The Europeanisation of South American Football